Deserted places

Deserted places, Kieron connolly’s new book of photographs of more than 100 once-busy and often elegant buildings gives an eerie idea of how the world might look if humankind disappeared.
Deserted places, Kieron connolly’s new book of photographs of more than 100 once-busy and often elegant buildings gives an eerie idea of how the world might look if humankind disappeared.

In a world that is full of overcrowding and overpopulation, it's hard to believe that there are places that, once populated, now sit unoccupied. Sometimes the most frightening places you can imagine really exist find out more in matthew christopher's autopsy of the american dream. Art is never finished, only abandoned, leonardo da vinci supposedly said, which is maybe why abandonment itself is a popular theme among artists abu. Abandoned places s.

The ghost city - an apocalyptic inspiration for filmmakers for as long as i can remember there is nothing more surreal than witnessing an abandoned city. These are some of the most beautiful abandoned places in the world. Mordecai marcus the speaker of desert places also feels lost and tries to orient himself by the stars, but his circumstances and tone are very different. Some of these abandoned and haunted places will creep you out a little, but if you are anything like us you will want to go and visit all of them anyway they.

Here’s a selection of some of the most ghostly abandoned places around the world, every single one of which has its own special charm beneath all the dust, rust. There are many reasons why cities are abandoned some, like the ghost towns of the american west, have become tourist destinations while others have been condemned or. With a total population of over 7 billion people, it's hard to imagine that any place in the world could be abandoned and yet, they exist, each one with an eerie. The most strange and surreal abandoned places around the world, from hotels and hospitals to prisons and military bases. What is it about abandoned property and places, frozen in time, that makes them seem more real than any other representation of history we encounter from individual.

Something about abandoned, neglected places gets the old fear meter up into the red for most people extra fear points can be had for places that have been. Abandoned places in pennsylvania, with accounts of urban exploration includes locations in philadelphia, birdsboro, carbondale, haverford, spring city, rankin. A community dedicated entirely for those of us fascinated with everything abandoned. List of ghost towns by country the following is a list of ghost towns, listed by continent, then by country africa angola the settlement of tigres, situated on a the ruins were left in. Photographs of places that are deserted by the people that used to live or work there.

  • Follow thomas pringle to places you would only visit in your dreams harald finster has been making photographs of abandoned industry since 20 years.
  • View photographer niki feijen for his new book, 'frozen,' photographed several abandoned buildings across europe capturing their haunting beauty from years of decay.
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  • The 33 most beautiful abandoned places in the world can't wait until the world ends and everything looks like this.

Abandoned berlin is a website and book that explores forgotten places in germany's capital ciarán fahey, an irish journalist, explains the story. Many people didn’t even heard about these famous abandoned places many of these places are really amazing and magnificent, but they're also really sad when you take a closer look at them. Explore h d's board abandoned on pinterest | see more ideas about abandoned places, abandoned mansions and abandoned buildings.

Deserted places
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